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SpaceX Falcon 9 makes second landing on sea

SpaceX has had its second successful landing at Sea with a rocket. This is to a certain extent the proof pointing towards everything that Elon Musk had once dreamt for the company. The unmanned flight of Falcon 9 too care on a communications satellite and ensured that it is placed in the perfect location in perfect conditions in Space. Once its work was done, Falcon 9 carefully descended on the landing platform in the Atlantic Ocean. All of this took just 3 minutes and another success story for SpaceX was scripted just like that.

What things even better and joyful for SpaceX is the fact that they themselves did not expect Falcon 9 to land on the board successfully owing to the height up to which Falcon 9 went and the speed at which it was expected to return. The successful landing of Falcon 9 after so many odds against it, expectedly made Elon Musk excited.

This is the second successful landing for Elon Musk venture after completing the objectives. The first one took place in April. Then the objective of the SpaceX Launch was to provide supply run for a NASA Space Station. Although, we do not know the SpaceX Schedule, but one can be sure of the fact that after two successful attempts, Elon Musk will certainly make another attempt soon.

SpaceX is of quite an importance as they are the only ones till now, who have made rocket launches into the orbit and then made it back to the landing platform at ease. The other nearest competitor is Blue Origin founded by Amazon’s Jeff Bezos. Although Blue Origin has made rocket launches and landed them successfully, but they still have not ventured into the orbit yet. Well, it seems, Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla Motors are set to create history in the recent times.

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