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Synthetic Marijuana linked to spike medical emergencies in Tampa Bay

Synthetic Marijuana is the main reason behind the sudden spike of medical emergency calls in Tampa Bay region, according to the officials. Monday and Tuesday itself covered up for the total medical emergency calls that Tampa Bay Fire Rescue crew had covered in the month of February.

There were around 12 calls on Monday and 8 calls on Tuesday, which is still 1 more that the 17 medical emergency calls for the month of February. The Tampa Bay Fire Rescue crew is certain of the fact that the sudden spike in the medical emergency calls is due to the synthetic marijuana that is running in the streets of Tampa.

It was in fact the sudden spike that kind of forced the law enforcement bodies and the health agencies to look into the matter. Most of the medical emergency calls are with respect to respiratory arrests, strokes, seizures and heart attacks. What is more intriguing is the fact that literally all the cases involve an otherwise healthy individual.

Rachel Simmons, asst. medical director of Tampa Fire Rescue Crew stated, “It’s something our patients are able to access legally in gas stations so we’re concerned that the public is not aware of how dangerous this drug may be.”

Synthetic Marijuana is extremely dangerous to the first responders. Since 29th February, there have already been 11 cases of blood exposure. The investigators are looking forward to connect a link between the patients and the batch of the drug that is associated with the instance.

Although Tampa Bay worked along with a few bans put forward by President Obama on certain drugs, but they are still found in various stores around the locality. The investigators have already sent a few batches of drugs for analysis and are currently awaiting results of the test.

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