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Tom Clancy’s The Division Review

Tom Clancy’s The Division release date is finally here and we really cannot wait for it. According to the reports, the game has had all its players mesmerized with the graphics and the gameplay. While most of the individuals are coming around praising the game, some claim that the game has been made with bits and pieces from other online shooting games as well. Nevertheless, after about one day of testing it out, we can finally say that Tom Clancy’s The Division is something that you would not want to miss out on.

The Division starts of in a war struck Manhattan. The time line is slightly after a massive biological attack on the city of New York that has brought everything to a standstill. The initial hours after the launch on March 8th, it seem that the gamers have whole heartedly accepted the war struck roads of New York and are willing to battle it out.

But one certainly has to say that the Beta testing of the game that occurred last month left a few doubts in everybody’s mind as to what Tom Clancy’s The Division would end up as. The fast paced system of the game seemed like it had not been taken care of. But as it seems now, the there are a lot of plus points for the division compared to the slight ifs and buts.

The weaponry is massive and extravagant. In The Division, you will have specific tools to help you out in your bad times. You will have to be strategic and play with cover in order to survive amidst the battlefield of New York. The Interface is good, but the map could have been better according to some. As Tom Clancy’s The Division reviews gets piled up, we will have a much better idea about how people have taken the online shooting game.

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