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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhones: Two fronts where the former wins

What would you buy if you had to choose between the latest Apple devices and the Samsung Galaxy S7? Well, that would be a difficult decision to make, but be lest assured that Samsung has possibly gone beyond Apple with their latest flagship device. iPhones are more often than not considered as the best quality high end device that you can buy and possibly it is true as well. But if you are looking to compare iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S7, there are two points of consideration, where iPhone 6 is not the best.

Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with innumerable tweaks that will surely make you fall in love with this device. The first point where it excels the iOS device is at the Camera. Just to keep things straight, let me tell you that Samsung Galaxy S7 is out right winner when it comes to low light photography. It also has a wider aperture compared to that of iPhone 6. Samsung’s Exynos digital signal processor also gives the flagship devices an edge over iphone 6 and 6 Plus. In simple words, if you love to click photos, then Samsung Galaxy S7 is what you should have.

The second front where Galaxy S7 nails iPhone 6 is in Display. iPhone 6 with its LCD display seriously does not stand a chance in front of Samsung Galaxy S7 with its OLED display. With the curved display that Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has, the makers have taken screens and their use to a complete new level.

But, Galaxy S7 is not an outright winner only because of the battery life that it provides. Essentially this has been Samsung’s main issue for quite some time now and they have failed to deliver with Samsung Galaxy S7 as well. Well, we will have to see for the sales records to check out which device is the favorite amidst the people.

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