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Warning Label on Sweetened Beverage might reduce consumption in kids

The Sweetened Sugar based beverages is certainly what we love as well as our kids do. But have we ever asked ourselves that whether we are inflicting any harm on us or on our kids? The reality is that these sugar based beverages are affecting our health and pushing us through to various diseases. According to the reports, the amount of calories that we take in nowadays from the sweetened beverages should be less that 10 percent. But this is not the case. The amount that we and our children take is considerable high amounting up to 270 calories for an average individual.

The report was released by the Federal Dietary Guidelines. The report suggests that the sweetened beverages are by far the largest contributors to the average calorie intake. This to a certain extent means that we are bringing in issues like diabetes, heart diseases, etc. with us. In case of kids, there are reports suggesting an increase in obesity. The report comes in from a study that was conducted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on approximately 2400 parents. All the parents involved in the survey are parents of either one kid or two.

A part of the report also states that adding a label of warning on the beverages can add as a mode to separate the kids from the drinks. A vast majority of the parents believe that drinks with more than 75 calories should come with a statutory warning. Most of the parents look forward to the sugar percentage in the drinks before buying it for their children. A warning label on a sweetened beverage might just prove to be another barrier for the parents. According to the statistics, approximately one out of every three individuals in the United States of America is Obese.

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