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Phishing Alert: Emails state that YouTube will ban you

A YouTube scam is out in the light wherein you might as well receive a mail stating that your account is due to be suspended. The mail will point out to a few violations that have occurred on your part, leading to a suspension of your YouTube or Google account. There have been reports of many individuals receiving such emails and the scare is already on the high.

Many users have raised questions in various Google Forums regarding the cause of such emails. To be true, such YouTube phishing emails are not that rare. Many users around the world, who have YouTube channels and use their videos to monetize via advertisements, receive such emails all throughout the year. But this time, the number of phishing mails out are large in number, leading to a profound risk of anyone unknowingly falling for it.

Let us first get clear out what Phishing is! Phishing is a process by which individuals try to steal your sensitive data electronically via mails. Mails are sent in the exact way as if they were sent by the original source. You believe it and submit the details like user id, password, etc., to prevent further damage.

The currently circulating YouTube Phishing email looks exactly like it has been sent by Google. It reads,

“We’d like to inform you that due to repeated or severe violations of our community guidelines and your YouTube account will be suspended 3 days from the time of this message.”

The currently circulating YouTube email scam is very much similar to the Facebook, Twitter scams that generally go on. The best way to evade any sort of loss from such emails is by not clicking on it at all. Even if you do, ensure that you do not download anything from the mail as it can contain malicious software embedded in a word or a pdf file. In order to verify the authenticity of the mail, always read the original message and check the return-path of the mail. If the mail is sent by Google or for that matter any legit organization, it should return to their website.

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