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TBR Comparison: Rumored iPhone 7 Versus iPhone SE

It has not been quite a while since the iPhone 6S/6S Plus has been launched by Apple. iPhone SE is the latest launch by Apple on 21st March 2016 and yet another product rumored iPhone 7 is awaiting the launch announcement. The iPhone SE comes with a 4-inch display and is considered to be an affordable one. Once the rumored iPhone 7 will be launched, it is bound to have other versions like 7S, 7 Plus, 7 Pro and so on. 

To understand the difference in the two phones, it is important to know the features of each of them. Mentioned below is a comprehensive comparison of iPhone SE and iPhone 7 on different aspects.


The display is a major factor in smartphones and iPhones are no different. There is a noteworthy difference in the display sizes of the 2 phones – iPhone SE and iPhone 7. Talking about the display of iPhone 7/Plus/Pro – it is speculated that they will come in two variants,. The larger iPhone 7/Plus/Pro is expected to come with a 5.5 inch display, while the smaller variation might come with 4.7 inch display. The 3D Touch LCD display in iPhone 7 is expected to be much better with almost 4K resolution. Glass-on-glass screens are also expected in iPhone 7. On the other hand, the iPhone SE comes with a 4-inch compact display. The Retina display comes with myriad color options. People looking for smaller size smartphone are sure to love the 4-inches iPhone SE.


It is interesting to note that the designs of iPhone SE and iPhone 7 are completely different from one another. It is highly expected that the iPhone 7/Plus/Pro will undergo an extensive design makeover. Some notable changes will include a lightning port instead of the headphone jack, waterproof design, and thinner thickness and so on. The thickness of the iPhone 7/Plus/Pro is expected to be between 6-6.5 mm.

iPhone SE has a very conservative design. With size of just 4-inches, this phone is a direct upgrade from iPhone 5S. The small chassis and the Touch ID need a mention when we talk about this small yet powerful iPhone.

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There will be a great difference in processor for iPhone SE and iPhone 7/Plus/Pro. iPhone SE runs on an A9 motion co-processor and has 2GB of RAM. When compared to iPhone 5S, the CPU performance is considered as twice and GPU performance as thrice in iPhone SE. The iPhone 7/Plus/Pro is expected to have even more powerful processor in the form of A10, six-core processor with 3GB RAM. Needless to say the phone will offer great performance.

Operating System

The iOS 9 is the latest operating system, which is being used in the Apple devices. iPhone SE has iOS 9 as the operating system. This iOS is also very strong and has attractive features. On the other hand, iPhone 7 is expected to come with iOS 10. This is taking iPhone 7 to a completely new level. Highly attractive features can be seen in the iPhone 7 for iOS 10 like Siri API, Dark Mode and other improved apps and functions. However, initially there might be some hiccups with the iOS 10.

Battery life and camera

iPhone SE comes with the same camera as iPhone 6S/Plus with 8-megapixel capacity and the front shooter is 1.2 megapixel. The iPhone SE is powered by a 1642mAh which is bigger than its predecessor the iPhone 5S. Most of the users testify that it runs well for the 4 inch iPhone. The iPhone 7 is expected to have a 24-megapixel camera and support for third party lenses. Vivid pictures and videos are guaranteed with iPhone 7/Plus/Pro. The phone is speculated to have a battery of at least 3100mAh to power the improved display. While the average price of iPhone 7/Plus/Pro is expected to be $649-$849, the price of iPhone SE is in the range $400-$500.

Verdict: iPhone SE will be a perfect choice for those, who loves smaller screen. Other than that, rumored iPhone 7 will be coming into the exact picture, when it is officially unveiled in the market.

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