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Samsung Galaxy Note 6 Release: 8 Things to Know Right Now

As the Samsung Galaxy 7 handset is out in the market, rumors are flooded throughout the internet on upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6. As nothing is official yet, it is more meaningful to consider these rumors as mere wish lists. However, from the past, we can say that these rumor lists or wish list plays an important role in the upcoming releases because these wish lists are nothing but in general customer’s expectations, which the companies always takes note of. 

Background: Samsung generally follows back to back releases. Samsung Galaxy 7 entered the market on February 2016, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was released only a few months back in August 2015. It is expected that Galaxy Note 6 will come into the competitive market within the next six months. It will bear the flagship of Galaxy Note series of Samsung. The previous Galaxy Note 5 offered a large range of features and usability to the users, while the recently released Galaxy 7 comes with even better speculations. Experts and renowned leakers are expecting Galaxy Note 6 to carry on the added features and improvements of the Galaxy 7 model along with some uniqueness.

Display: If we take a look at the display size of the few last models of Samsung Galaxy models, (Galaxy S6 came at 5.1”, Galaxy Note 5 at 5.7”, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus at 5.7”, Galaxy S7 Edge at 5.5”) which suggests that Samsung randomly changes its display size and therefore we cannot rightly conclude what to expect from the upcoming Galaxy Note model. However, experts think that this time, Samsung will introduce its upcoming model with a 5.8” display screen. In addition, the rumors also suggest that Samsung galaxy Note 6 will also have a rounded screen much like the ones that we have in the Galaxy Edge series. Now, confusion still remains about the fact that if Samsung Galaxy Note 6 itself comes with curved screen what about the edge series.

Design: As mentioned above, it is expected that Galaxy Note 6 will probably bear the same or at least nearly the same design of Galaxy S7. We know that Galaxy S7 design is just an improvement over the Galaxy Note 5, therefore we can expect similar things in these models such as aluminum finish or glass design.

Water Resistant: It is assumed that the mobile device will be water and dust resistant. Galaxy S7 had integrated IP68 dust resistance system and it was water resistant as well, but only up to 3ft for 30 minutes. More or less this resistance power will be kept same for the upcoming devices too.

Scanner: From the rumors of Galaxy S7 onwards, we are seeing that the wish-list of Samsung Galaxy models, includes a retina or iris eye scanner, replacing the typical Samsung finger print scanner. One can unlock his phone by simply looking at the handset by this expected technology. However, this technology sounds impossible and none like this is integrated in the previous models. Practically, we don’t expect such an impossible fairy tale scanner; all we want is an improvement over the ongoing scanner.

Internal Storage: Samsung Galaxy models in general come with an internal storage of 32 GB, in recent rumors, the Samsung is working on 256 GB chips, which lead up to expect such a boost of internal storage in the upcoming Note model or atleast storage space 64 GB or 128 GB.

External storage: The later models of Samsung Galaxy are coming out with good internal storages but no external storage. For example, Galaxy S6, Galaxy Note 5 does not have MicroSD card slots, but the latest Galaxy models, i.e. Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge had an external storage slot. We can expect external storage slots in the upcoming Galaxy Note 5 too.

Battery: According to the rumors, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will be a beast when it comes to battery. There are possibilities that the device might come loaded with a 4000 mAh battery, which is around 1000 mAh more that what we have from Galaxy Note 5.

You can expect Samsung Galaxy Note 6 to be unveiled sometime during August or September, this year.

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