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Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors: Leaked Renders and Designs in a Video

We have managed to gather some fresh 3D video and image leak of alleged Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone, which is a much awaited/rumored Android phone of the year, so far.

With New Year is approaching fast and winter holidays being around the corner, it’s not new that Smartphone manufacturers are trying to launch their new handset and create a buzz in the cyber world. It’s not surprising to see rumors about upcoming flagships start to pile up. It’s getting tougher day by day for smartphone manufacturers to completely shield their new smartphone model details from being leaked to consumers’ months before the official launch the device and when it comes to being the subject of such speculation, there is no bigger target, at least in the Android world, than Samsung.

Samsung is currently feeling the pressure since its upcoming Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Plus recently were leaked via images of what are reportedly renders of the devices are based off a third-party accessory maker’s dimensions, official blueprints for third-party accessories like cases. Galaxy S7 rumors first started to surface back in September, just weeks after the new Galaxy Note 5 launch. Since then we’ve continued to see small bits of information, and the latest news suggests a late February release date. Naturally cases need to be made according to spec in order to fit the smartphone perfectly and not block any ports or slots.

According to Forbes, the leaked images came from collaboration between famed leakster OnLeaks and U.K. price comparison site uSwitch. Apparently, the images are from the blueprints of Samsung’s next-gen handset, “Working with famed leak specialist OnLeaks, AKA Steve Hemmerstoffer from nowhereelse.fr, UK price comparison site uSwitch has managed to obtain detailed blueprints of Samsung’s monster handset and used them to create renders.”

The renders and schematics also confirm the size of the phablet, which is a good 6 inches, this would make the largest flagship by Samsung since both the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 edge+ only measure 5.7 inches. Even if it has a gigantic size some might feel the absence of some important features.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Plus render in the video appears to have more rounded sides compared to Galaxy S6 and that there won’t be a microSD card slot. Rumors of the Galaxy S7 Plus shipping with a USB Type-C port have been put aside, as there’s a standard microUSB port on the bottom of the phablet in between the 3.5 mm headphone port and speaker.

Now, there might be some rush about the latest specification’s compatibility with existing accessories, but USB Type-C does bring two important benefits: reversible plugs and, perhaps more importantly, faster data transfer speeds. Now neither of those will be making it to the Galaxy S7 Plus. The reversible and highly flexible format has already appeared in the OnePlus 2, Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X as well as the Chromebook Pixel 2 and Apple’s MacBook and sure enhances the user experience and increases usefulness.

As for the pricing, it is expected to be less expensive than usual. The Galaxy S6 and its siblings plus the Note 5 may have sold a few million units, but not enough to improve Samsung’s numbers. Samsung should rethink about now of lowering the price since they have a lot of Chinese competitors who are rolling out cheap phones with cool specs already.

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