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Scientists have cataloged the 2550 rarest minerals of Earth

Scientists have finally made a list of the rarest minerals that are found on planet Earth. Such a list has been made for the first time. After you go through the list, you will feel that diamond is a mineral that is found far too often at various places on Earth.

According to the reports, there are precisely 2550 minerals that make the list and they are seriously found on earth rarely. The top of the list is made by minerals like ichnusaite, amicite, nevadite, etc. and they are found only in less than 5 sites all over the world.

The minerals that we are talking about here is way more rare than the most precious gems that we consider like diamond, ruby, pearl, etc. In fact, the minerals are formed under much worse conditions, when compared to that of our precious gems.

According to Scientist, Robert Hazen of the Carnegie Institution and Jesse Ausubel of the Rockefeller University, gems like diamond, ruby and pearl should even be considered as rarest minerals now, as we literally take out tons of them from various sites every year. While the minerals that we are talking about here do not even perfectly make up 1 ton. There are a few minerals in the list that have some weird properties as well. Some of them tend to melt, while some of them get dehydrated.

To be precise, there are 5090 minerals that we know of and approximately 99% of the Earth is made up by just 100 of them. Thus, approximately 4090 minerals make up the remaining 1%, out of which the scientists have marked 2550 minerals to be the rarest one. Now one can understand, in what quantities those minerals are available on earth. The rarest mineral is a blue crystalline specimen found only in two places all over the earth.

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