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Sharks sighted near Coney Island

Shark sighting along the beach of Coney Island has led to the temporary shutdown of the beach. According to the reports, sharks have been seen in certain part of the long stretch of the beaches in Coney Islands. The sightings took place on Tuesday morning and the beaches were immediately shutdown due to precautionary measures.

According to Crystal Howard, Parks Department spokesperson, “Out of an abundance of safety, Parks closes beaches to swimmers when sharks are in the immediate area. Because sharks have been sighted in certain areas of Coney Island Beach today, Parks has closed specific stretches of beach and will continue to monitor the situation.”

Lifeguards along the beaches of Coney Island will work on keeping the waters clear. The precautionary measures will be followed until the lifeguards are certain that no shark is swimming in the waters of Coney Island.

The authorities have clearly stated that no one should steer near the waters of Coney Island. In case, someone goes up to the waters, they should ensure that the instructions given by the lifeguards are followed strictly at all costs. In case something turns up, they should immediately look forward to leave the water and move on to the lands.

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