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Sony “PlayStation 4.5” in the making, or PS4K?

Not only Microsoft is concentrating on revamping its console, but also Sony is also reported that the company is developing a upgraded version of PlayStation 4 to support 4K gaming. Rumors say that the same will be entitled as PlayStation 4.5 and also empowered with minor changes in graphical horsepower to support 4K gaming.

It is unclear that the current PS4 users can opt for the same and upgrade their device to support 4K gaming or they need to entirely buy a new device to support 4K gaming. Kotaku reports that the upcoming device will be more useful in the case of PlayStation VR and will be boosted with new hardware configuration.

The name “PlayStation 4.5” might be a nickname for the device and other rumors saying that the device might entitled with PS4K, as it supports 4K gaming. The console comes with a resolution of four times the pixel size of current Full HD (1080p), which is the resolution of the current PlayStation 4. The current version of PS4 comes with support for 4K images and videos. But, the same doesn’t support 4K gaming, this made the company to upgrade its gaming console to support 4K gaming.

As of now, other than the above mentioned information, no extra information is mentioned by the sources. It plan might be an add-on for the device, or it might be an entirely new device for the game. This left the current PlayStation 4 users in a big dilemma, and will be a big surprise, when Sony officially announces the device.

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