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Spectacular airplane landing at Frankfurt Airport video gone viral- Real Transformer exist?

An amazing airplane landing was trending from the past two days. We had come across Boeing 787 Dreamliner takeoff and Airbus landing on a runway in tough cross winds. Moreover, don’t forget about small plane landing on rush hour traffic. These are all trending videos on an airplane.

A couple of days ago, A YouTuber (Michael Schmidt) posted a video with a name “Spectacular landing at Frankfurt Airport“. This video went viral and took down all previous viral video records. Hope you guys had a great refreshment! In the beginning, a smooth plane landing was incredible that seems to be much more realistic with mellow sound effects. As you can see in the video, nutty winds and amazing landing given a sensible touch up in the video.

The Video description ends with stunning comment “This is a really amazing landing of a Boeing 777 transforming [into] a robot at Frankfurt Airport, Germany.”

While plane lands on the ground, there goes a best CGI effects that turns airplane into a robot. You might see in the transformer movies, truck turns into a giant robot, one named as “Optimus Prime“. After watching Amazing plane landing video, the first thing that comes in my mind is “Transformer” movie. I thought, it was a teaser of the upcoming transformer movie. Soon after, the plane lands as a robotic giant. We can finds funniest thing in the end parts, which really makes you laugh.

Johnny Palomino’s says,

“This is better than the Michael Bay’s TRANSFORMERS.” User Maly Mi notes, “Landing is impressive, but deboarding process is quite innovative.”
The video was uploaded on December 2 and already driven huge traffic. Up in the row, amazing airplane landing already gained 1.3 million views. There are no updates from the movie franchise and we can expect more video from Michael Schmidt. I hope you guys enjoyed it! Feel free to write you words in the comment section below.

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