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Students fall in after having food at a Chipotle outlet in Boston

Students of Boston College fell ill with gastrointestinal issues after consumption of food from one of the outlets of Chipotle. On Monday, Boston College issued a clear notice to its students stating that the individuals who have fallen ill have been affected by the food of the outlet and they should strictly avoid more interactions for the restaurant. Although, there are no clear evidences of such an occurrence, but it will be fair to keep a close look on the premises for the mean time.

On the other hand, Chipotle spokesperson has stated, “Yes, we believe it is a norovirus linked to only one restaurant, a sentiment shared by local health officials.” According to the company, the instance of sick individuals of Norovirus in Boston College is an isolated scenario and has nothing to do with the E. Coli cases. The spokesperson also added that there are no evident links to any of the Chipotle restaurants and E. Coli.

Chipotle’s shares saw a dive as soon as the news spread all over. Chipotle has approximately 1900 outlets spread all across the United States. The restaurant chain is said to be taking up stricter food safety standards from now on.

As it seems that the investigation in this regard will take a few more days and then only it can be confirmed that whether the outburst of Norovirus is centered on Chipotle Restaurant near Boston College. In the mean time, the students who have not yet fallen prey to the Norovirus are being tested for any traces of it or even E. Coli.

Till date, approximately about 52 independent cases of E. Coli has been reported to the health affairs department in the past. According to the reports, approximately 48 million individuals fall ill due to food borne viruses and bacteria every year. In many cases, the illness turns out to be fatal as well.

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