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Study on GitHub contributors proves women are better coders

A recent study suggests that Women are better in coding, when compared to men. The research was carried out by six computer science researchers. The aim of the study was to determine how gender plays a part in coding skills. Considering the fact that women nowadays also take severe interest in coding and software development, the study confirms that they are probably better than men in that regard.

The general idea among the society is that Women are not good in coding when compared to other stuffs like management and all. They are never looked up to as good coders, except for a few ones supposedly. The study counted a whooping number of 3 million contributors on GitHub. GitHub is a social website for coders with a user base of approximately 12 million users. The platform is used to share ideas and codes, where contributors can add to a code, thus possibly solving the main problem of the main author.

The team of six computer science researchers from the North Carolina State University and Cal Polytech State University of California, tried to study how the coders on GitHub react to requests made by female coders. Interestingly, as it turns out the acceptance rate for female coders was about 78.6%, while that for male coders was 74.6%. But all of this was till the point where the gender was not revealed.

The more interesting fact is that from the moment the gender of the coder was revealed, the acceptance rate fell way below for women compared to men. The research has led them to believe that the gender plays a major role in code acceptance, in spite of the possible fact that Women are better in coding. Possibly this was the last place, where gender discrimination was needed in such great heights.

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