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Study: Roman sanitation was not up to the mark

We might just think that the Roman Empire was one of the best when it comes to architecture, living standards, politics, trade, etc., except for the sanitation system that they had. The recent report has been provided by the University of Cambridge. The Romans had brought in their style sanitation approximately 2000 years ago. Till date it was thought that their style of sanitation was a hard core one and improved public health to a great deal during the period. But the research report by the University of Cambridge has something else to say.

The researchers from the University of the Cambridge believe that the Roman sanitation system, although looked good, but it probably paved the way for the plagues and the diseases that ravaged the land later.

Piers Mitchell of the University of Cambridge’s Archaeology and Anthropology Department has analyzed the archeological remains and stated that there are numerous instances of parasites and bacteria in the archeological remains of the Roman Empire. The parasites have been found all over the Roman Period Excavation sites. They have been found in combs, human burial sites, etc. The major proportion has been in the sanitation sites, which actually puts through the question.

The Romans introduced features like sewage systems, public hot bath houses, multiple seats in the public toilet, etc. But as it seems that their sanitation system was not up to the mark. The recent study reveals that not all the Romans were clean as they have been projected to be in the history books.

The issues with their sewage system, drainage, etc. led to various diseases during their time. They also continued to ravage the later period of the Vikings and the medieval kings.

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