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Study suggests that Egg Yolks are not responsible for high blood cholesterol

As it turns out, a new study reveals that egg yolks are not as unhealthy as we thought it to be. In fact, the new study clearly states that eating a high cholesterol item, like an egg yolk, does not increase the chances of a heart disease. The study has been published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The main author of the study, Dr. Jyrki Virtanen of the University of Eastern Finland, has said that just pointing out to one aspect of food like an egg yolk does not give us a clear indication of to what kind of impact the food has our health. The study clearly questions the previous study that indicated to a direct link between some food and the chance of increase in heart related diseases. Cholesterol is one of the primary reasons for the increasing heart related issues in young people.

Dr. Luc Djousse is an associate professor and a heart disease researcher at Harvard Medical School. When dietary cholesterol is not directly linked to blood cholesterol, then what is the point in pointing to foods that contain cholesterol.

According to Dr. Luc Djousse, “Dietary cholesterol does not translate into high levels of blood cholesterol.”
The study was organized with over 1000 health men between the age group of 42 years to 60 years. Out of the thousand participants for the study, approximately one third of them were carriers of the ApoE4 gene. The gene is a mark of increased chances of heart diseases and Alzheimer’s disease.

The participants were made to intake approximately 2800 milligrams of cholesterol every week. The results suggested no connection between the cholesterol and the ApoE4 gene, neither any link with the non carriers of the gene. Various other factors were also taken into consideration like age, body mass, hypertension, etc.

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