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Microsoft Surface Pro 4 vs iPad Pro: features, price and reviews

Microsoft developed 2-in-1 device, which can turn a laptop into a tablet. We have iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4 in the top list. Do you think, it can beat current laptops and notebooks? Let’s take a quick comparison among two different rivals.

Microsoft Surface Pro is different from other devices, you can customiz hardware performance according to your choice. Unlike other brand, the company offers many options in internal hardware. It includes processor, internal storage and RAM. Surface Pro 4 caries same laptop processor, which can upgraded to Intel Core i7. On the other end, iPad Pro featured with A9X mobile processor that runs on iOS operating system.

Surface Pro 4 always has a choice on RAM that starts from 4GB to 16GB, while iPad Pro comes out with just 4GB RAM. It’s a great deal from Microsoft brand! All major features left to the consumer. Internally, Apple offers 32GB or 64GB storage capacity. You need to select while making an order. In the case of Microsoft, we can get 256GB internal storage and expandable up to 1TB.

In terms of design and size, Apple’s iPad Pro brings 12.9-inch display and Surface Pro 4 display goes around 12.3-inch. Surface Pro 4 is a bit smaller than iPad Pro, it doesn’t mean “Apple is a winner”. Microsoft planned for affordable device that covers all laptop features.

Since both the brands have gotten its own operating system. Surface Pro 4 comes out with pre-installed Windows 10 OS, while iPad Pro adopt iOS mobile OS.

Finally, both the device price varies due to selection of storage variants. If you are looking at basic version, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tagged with $899 and the Apple iPad Pro at $799.

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