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Tesla Model 3 is all set to be unveiled in a press event on March 31

Tesla Model 3 is all set to be unveiled soon as reported. The American Electric Car and energy giant Tesla Motors is likely to reveal the Model 3 during the press event on March 31. The confirmation came with a tweet set forward by the Tesla Motors.

The tweet was also released with an image that showed Tesla’s previous two models of electric cars: Model S and Model X SUV. The third car of the image is covered in a black shadow which has in turn increased the interest of the people. The black shadowed car is slightly smaller than the Model X SUV but has the same roundedness of the model.

We do not know much about the car and its specifications. As the reports turns out, there is a projected inflow of cash in the year 2016, which in turn points to the fact that Elon Musk might just release the Model 3 into the market soon. Reports are that the Tesla Model 3 will be up for preorders after the car has been unveiled in some recent times.

Some of the experts have already rated the car and have come up with a price tag for the car. The reports state that the Tesla Model 3 sedan might just be released with a price tag of $35,000. Tesla has also reportedly sent out invites for the event via emails.

The company is also set to invest big time on the installations of the Tesla Model 3 Sedan. On the other hand, there will be approximately 80 retail locations for the car along with service stations. Tesla is also set to come up with around about 300 supercharger locations for electric vehicles.

Tesla Model 3 is expected to be ready for production later this year and will be delivered early 2017.

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