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Thousands of Blacktip sharks seen migrating off Florida’s coastal waters [Video]

Researchers have captured the migration event of tens of thousands of blacktip sharks on camera as they gathered at Florida’s shoreline. Biological sciences professor Dr Stephen Kajiura, from Florida Atlantic University posted the video on Facebook, after documenting the event on Friday.

Thousands of sharks invaded Palm County’s coastline in Florida in a bid to reach warmer waters. Kajiura caught the event on camera on Feb. 12 from a 500 feet altitude above Cessna 172 waters. The research team also captured an amazing snap of a paddle boarder that was approaching to get a closer view of the gathering. Kajiura was surveying the waters, to know the current location of the sharks, and has been tracking them for weeks.

“You could throw a pebble and literally strike a shark,” said Kajiura to CBS12.

Blacktip shark experts said that Jupiter Inlet and Miami Beach are the favorite spots of the shark in Florida’s waters. Researchers remain clueless as why the sharks are attracted towards Palm Beach’s coastline. Kajiura is trying to solve the mystery in his new work. Researchers spend the Saturday, tagging the sharks, and will continue to monitor their movement as they move towards warmer waters.

Kajiura added that the incidence of bites could be considered relatively low, considering the sheer amount of sharks. Due to the limited time, he plans to survey the animals at least once a week. Biologists said that the migratory season could take a toll on the local ecosystem. Beach-goers and swimmers are advised to stay away from waters. Florida tops the list with the highest number of shark attacks in the U.S. According to the International Shark Attack File, Florida had a record 30 shark attacks of 164 shark bites reported worldwide. However, their bites are seldom life-threatening as their teeth are small to inflict any major damage to humans.

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