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Tool to hack into iPhone would leave Apple Inc. vulnerable

While Apple Inc. and the FBI are fighting away in the courtrooms, we have a more serious issue on hand. The software that the FBI wants to make to hack into Apple Inc.’s iPhone for the purpose of investigation in a case might just be the end to any iPhone’s security. Can we be certain that the tool that will be built in case the FBI wins the battle will be kept locked away safely such that no one can misuse it?

Well, a few security experts and legal enthusiasts believe that it would be literally impossible to take care of the tool that the FBI wants to make for the sake of an investigation. One of the primary issues that the FBI will face is deciding the number of individuals who will be working on the tool. It could potentially lead to hundreds of individuals knowing about the basic parts of the tool while its development.

On the other hand, even if the tool was made, it would have to go through innumerable number of tests. The tests will have to the varied and genuinely plotted such that the results from the tool can be put forward in the court and is admissible. The FBI just wants to take so much risk for one single case and in the mean time would certainly increase the likelihood of a leak. On the other hand, many prosecutors then would also show interest in the tool for their cases, which would mean more spread.

Now, let us address the greater issue. In case, any one of the hacking groups lets sight on the tool and it is leaked, it would mean that the much protected digital signature of Apple Inc. will be vulnerable. This in turn would make all the Apple Inc. devices vulnerable to many threats.

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