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Top 10 Pokémons in Pokémon GO and How to Catch Them All

Could the world suffer any more from Pokémon fever? The fever level pitches even more up on the scale as the hunt of rare and undiscovered Pokémons are in motion. Few users cross the line to catch em all, since the capture is getting more competitive. We have given you a list of Top Ten Pokemons which you will find callous to even to spot. 

1)    Mew: It falls in no. 151 on your Pokedex, but none of the users have spotted this rare Pokemon till now. It is unknown totally as to the availability or existence of this Pokemon. If you, fortunately come across this Pokemon, you would be the one to break the internet with a record.

2)  Mewtwo: Pokedex lists no. 150 as Mewtwo, infamous Pokemon. This physic beast is still not spotted in the Pokemon GO world. Although, if you had watched the Pokemon trailer, you would know an idea of how to catch this. Either by community events or by battling for it.

3)    Dragonite: Dragonair evolves to form as Dragonite which is no. 149 on the Pokedex. One of the rare Pokemons which you will find but if you own a Dragonair, it is one of the best Pokemons to have on your side in the battles. One of the users in internet used lure and incense method and tempted the Dragonite to his location. If you are lucky, you might also spot it.

4)  Dragonair: Pokedex’s no. 148  is the Dragonair. It evolves into Dragonite from Dratini in level 55. If you search for this Pokemon primarily near water, it can be caught anywhere in the world.

5)  Ditto: Ditto is in no. 147 on the Pokedex. It shakes hands with Mew, Mewtwo and Zapdos in being one of the Pokemons that are currently not found in Pokemon GO. These Pokemons are included in the game’s source code which means they will be spotted sometime sooner.

6)   Moltres: It falls in no. 146 on the Pokedex. It is one of the legendary bird Pokemons, being third in the list. This flaming Pokemon also will be available only via the community events and not yet seen in Pokemon GO.

7)   Zapdos: It is listed in no. 145 on the Pokedex. Another legendary bird Pokemon like Moltres, this hasn’t been spotted in the game yet. Again, via community events, it is likely that this Pokemon will become available.

8)   Articuno: No. 144 in the Pokedex, this Pokemon has been yet another legendary bird type falling under the freeze type Pokemons. Nobody has caught or spotted this Pokemon over the world. So it is likely to be available via community events as well.

9)    Snorlax: This bipedal Pokemon falls in no. 141 on the Pokedex. When you catch this Pokemon, it welcomes gifts of fruit and has been caught a few times. This is always found sleeping and can be found anywhere in the real world.

10)  Aerodactyl: This mighty Pokemon is in no. 142 on your Pokedex. It is mostly caught in outerspaces, backyards and semi open spaces. This is found anywhere in the world. But it remains a tricky one to catch.

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