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Toyota GT 86 has a unconventional inspiration in Initial D Cartoon Series

Toyota’s new sports car Toyota GT 86 has an unconventional inspiration. The Toyota GT 86 has been designed with respect to the frictional car used in a comic. Well, the inspiration is drawn from a manga comic book of 1990 and a cartoon series Initial D.

All the people who follow Manga and have seen the cartoon series Initial D will certainly know te man Takumi Fujiwara. He was a delivery boy by the day and a street racer at night. The car that he used was a thought upon 1986 Toyota Corolla GT Coupe AE86. Considering the fact that the character’s parents did not have the money, he modified to family car to meet his designs.

The Toyota GT 86 can be called as a tribute to the car that Takumi Fujiwara rode in his street races. The new concept car from Toyota has been designed by the UK Special Project department. The Toyota GT 86 has that same black and white monochrome look like the cartoon series.

In addition, the Toyota GT 86 comes with a carbon fiber bonnet along with the latest TRD Sportivo suspension system. The car also has a Fujitsubo exhaust system coupled with a Cusco Type OS front strut brace and custom RS Watanabe alloy wheels. Some of the other features of the Toyota GT 86 might seem outdated, but for the fans who know it, it is awesome.

According to a statement by Joe Clifford, the special projects team, “With this Initial D concept we not only acknowledge how important the AE86 was in influencing Toyota’s modern approach to sports cars but also demonstrate how the GT86 can be aesthetically and dynamically improved with relatively simple aftermarket accessories, But perhaps most of all, we just thought it was an achingly cool idea.”

The Toyota GT 86 has been a huge hit since its release and so have been its variants. Enthusiasts believe that the Initial D Toyota GT 86 will also be a huge hit amongst the fans.

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