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Twitter: The company is testing a new feature “Stickers” for Photos

In terms of social media, Stickers is becoming one of the famous feature present in most of the messaging applications. This made Twitter to think about including stickers in its micro-blogging platform. Yes, now Twitter has reportedly tested a new feature related to stickers for photos. From this, the user’s can upload stickers as Photos from their account. 

As reported, currently the feature is only being used as well as tested by a group of Twitter’s user. The project is currently referred as “Stickers” and the feedback about the feature is being collected consistently from the users, who’re using it. Apart from this, Twitter is also asking its users to share their thoughts about the feature, so that the feature might be improved in a better way.

In the war of social media, the giants are keep-on introducing new features in their platform to increase user’s engagement with the platform. After Facebook Messenger hidden basketball game gone viral, this news from Twitter will also make people remember about Twitter a few.

Stickers is a tentative name, and the feature lets the users express their various feelings in the form of graphical representation in their post. For example, if someone is feeling too sad, then they can use sad related pre-defined graphics in their post. In addition to this, Twitter is also involved in conducting various polls for selecting a potential name for the feature and offer names such as “Stamps,” “Stamptags,” and “Taptags.”

Twitter’s spokesman mentioned that the company is in search of innovative ways to make the platform more usable and more expressive. The new feature might attract the emoji fans and make them more expressive than the previous version of Twitter.

If you cannot express your feeling within 140 characters, you can use this new feature to share your feeling of sharing a simple picture in your post. Stay tuned with Tampa Bay Review for more tech updates.

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