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Twitter to Take On Instagram with ‘Moments’ Feature

Twitter is regularly working to make their platform more engaging than before. Now they are getting ready to offer ‘Moments’ feature to celebrities as well as advertisers. Company is offering the service to some specific groups at the beginning. Later on they are planning to offer this feature to all the users in coming times. The team of Twitter is working on this feature from some time. Their in-house teams are already using this feature from some time. Company extended this facility to some media houses and publishers. Now they are extending this feature to a select group of personalities.

A few hours ago Twitter officially declared that they are looking to offer new facility to users to share their stories. It will be a new way to discuss some moments with the followers. The feature is going to be very useful to celebrities as they can share their stories with a fresh manner. Now ‘Moments’ will become a trend as most of the celebrities will definitely like using this feature. Currently it is not clear when the feature will be available for all the users. It may take some months to arrive but all the users will be able to utilize this function in coming months.

Twitter knows it very well that many other similar platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are getting popular with every passing day. Therefore they are looking to add similar features on their platform. It will help them to compete with other platforms in future. Twitter knows it very well that they have to offer new features regularly to stay into the market. If they do not provide new features then it will not assist them to grow. Therefore they are regularly adding features and it is helping them to bring freshness to the platform. This new feature is currently not working very fast. However it is almost certain that it will work with perfection very soon.

Users will be able to utilize this facility through their tweets. A special link in tweet section will assist t he user to utilize ‘Moments’. Now sharing specific events as well as topics will be fun. Instagram and Snapchat are offering ‘Stories’ to their users. It is almost certain that the competition will increase in future. People will find ‘Moments’ a little different from other similar features. Twitter is looking to add more users with this new feature. Market experts will definitely compare it with others and it can be valuable for many people to choose the right platform.

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