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Uber For Women: Women Will have a Chariot for Travelling Alone

Chariot, a ride sharing application, especially made for women, is about to start its service in Boston on coming April 19. Women around the city, were anticipating the launch of the service and the rest of them were in a dilemma about the discriminatory as well as the legal challenges for the service. 

In the industry of ride sharing, how long the industry will simply work from location A to location B. After a longer period of time, a new company comes with an innovative idea, which attract all the global consumers with its service. An ex-driver from Uber, starting an all new ride-sharing company, which is totally different in its demographic. The ride sharing service named as the Chariot, in which all the passengers as well as drivers were Women. Yes, the service is especially dedicated to the women all rounding the globe. But, as of now, the service is only started in Boston, where the first passenger for the service will be picked up on April 19.

Michael Pelletz, a former driver from Uber, mentioned that,

“We look forward to legal challenges. We want to show there’s inequality in safety in our industry. We hope to go to the U.S. Supreme Court to say that if there’s safety involved, there’s nothing wrong with providing a service for women.”
Why Chariot for Women Especially?

Michael Pelletz has plans to start an innovative business and which in turn, started a separate service for the women. In order to make the women feel safe and comfortable, Pelletz is keep on thinking about various aspects of offering a better ride sharing service to them. Also keeping in mind about the aggressive complaints by women, Chariot for women has come into the picture. Before hiring their employee, Pelletz wants them to double check before they were about to meet their first client.

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