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UCSF suspends Kidney donor program owing to death of a donor

Deaths by Kidney failures accounts for a majority percentage of deaths in the modern period. UCSF works to save the lives of individuals suffering from kidney failures. The organization on an average carries out approximately 350 Kidney transplants in its region and out of which approximately 150 are done on living donors.

The rate of living individuals donating kidneys to individuals in dire need has increased greatly in the recent times. In most of the cases, it has been seen that the living donors are either family members or extremely close friends.

But the act of carrying out a kidney transplant out of a living individual involves some amount of fatal risks as well. There is an approximate percentage of 0.3% fatality in these cases. In the recent times, there has been one such incident wherein a donor died after kidney transplant. The doctors fear that the tragic death will now have an impact and will to some extent pull back the donors to come forward for help.

The donor donated his kidney in the month of October only to live another month. The tragic death has also taken a toll on the doctors of UCSF. UCSF has extended its sincerest condolences to the family of the donor. The silver lining in this scenario is the fact that the individuals to whom the kidney was donated to, is safe and is living a healthy life.

This is not the first case; where in the living donor of a kidney has suffered from a serious health issue. There have been instances of fatality as well. But with regard to the most recent tragic death of the donor, UCSF has temporarily suspended the donation program. Till date, UCSF has approximately carried out 10,000 successful kidney transplants since 1964, which is way more that any other organization.

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