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Ultimate Guide for Facebook Messenger BasketBall Game

Till now, Facebook Messenger is considered as one of the top messaging software for smartphones. The company has now came with a new approach, which allows the users to be get engaged in the application itself. 

Facebook Messenger might be the number one messenger application till last Saturday, until Facebook introduces Basketball mini-game in its mobile application. The mini-game allows the users not only to be engaged with the application, but also acts as one of the most addictive game in their smartphones itself.

In order to start playing the game, the user need to get a updated application in their device. By simply updating their existing Facebook messenger to the current one, they can start playing the mini-game by sharing the basketball emoji to their friends or relatives.

After updating the application from the store, the users need to send a basketball emoji to any one of the contact in their friend list. Once they have sent it, then the same will act as a trigger to open basket-ball mini game in their device. Previously, it was considered as unwanted thing for the users, but suddenly it turns into a hidden basketball game for the messenger’s users.

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The more interesting part is that, when you missed the ball, then you will get a crying emoji on the screen. There are no scoreboards available in the game right now, so that you need to take a screenshot of your game whenever you’re playing it.

The mini-game will be more interactive and also addictive in nature. When the user flicks the ball in the screen, the ball need to be go inside the basketball ring. Once the user reaches 10 points, then the difficulty level of the game will be increased. The ball location will be moved from one place to another place, if the score keeps on increasing. If you cross 30 points, the difficulty level will be extreme, as your boss got mad on the meeting.

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