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Unlock iPhone without passcode “new glitch 2016” video real or fake?

A YouTube video clip uploaded by a user SocialStar that claims to unlock iPhone without using the passcode has gone viral and people have started gossiping about the truth of the trick, or alleged glitch. Let’s analyze whether its real or fake.

The YouTube clip with the title “iPhone Unlock without passcode glitch – new 2016” has gone viral, where the uploader tried to show the viewers the alleged glitchy way to unlock the iPhone without using passcodes. The video depicts the user accessing to a fingerprint scanner (Touch ID) equipped iPhone without using any unlock codes, just by first asking Siri (voice assistant) what time it is.

When the user requests the time to Siri, the voice assistant brings up the time on screen and the user taps on it to open the World Clock screen where he selects the Timer icon at the bottom of the iPhone display. Then he goes on and taps on “When Time Ends” option and then taps on “Buy More Tones” option which leads him to the Apple Store. When Apple Store opens up in iPhone, the user presses the home button which shows the iPhone has been unlocked to its homescreen without any passwords.

This video has managed to garner around 440K views in four days of its uploading time. Many iPhone owners have believed this trick and thanked the uploader for finding the glitch. However, when we attempted the same trick multiple times, we have found that these tricks don’t work and the iPhone will never allow anyone to access a passcode-protected device.

Then how this video shows it? Simple, the user is holding an iPhone, which already been registered with the Touch ID’s fingerprint sensor and the user activated Siri voice assistant by pressing the home button where the fingerprint scanner resides. When you use an iPhone without registering the Touch ID and follow the “method” depicted in the video will not open the iTunes Store when repeatedly tapped on “Buy More Tones” option. As simple as this.

If you have seen anyone sharing this video on Facebook and Twitter, or anywhere in your friend circle, just share them this article and let them know. They may mislead many other iPhone users to panic about the false claim.

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