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Utah Lake Commission looking for short & long term solutions for algae issue

The Utah Lake Commission probably believe that the algae problem that Utah Lake is facing is a short term one and will go away soon. According to the reports, the commission is currently looking forward to various short term and long term solutions to the algae problem. Owing to the algae issue the lake is closed and it is giving the people of Utah quite a hard time.

Quite a few people have shown resentment owing to the lake being closed for commercial purposes. Many people of Utah make a living around the lake and are now finding it difficult. Bill Loy, a fifth generation commercial fisherman (now retired) states, “I’ve never seen it closed before. I think it’s an imposition on the people that are making a living off of this lake.”

While many individuals are concerned about how to reopen the lake for local people of Utah, the authorities want to end this problem for good. According to Eric Ellis, Direct of Utah Lake Commission, “Normally an algal bloom, we would just let nature take its course and disappear.” But as it seems that it is not turning out to be a same scenario this time.

The growth of algae is starting to affect the farms and the livestock. Thus, some sort of rapid action is needed in the case. Although the state of Utah has not yet announced any short term or long term plans for the algae issue of the lake, people are hoping that they come up with one soon.

According to the reports, more that 95% of all the favourable species of the Utah Lake are covered with the algal spread. The authorities are also picking up a lot of algae from the waters, which can later be used as fertilizers for the farmlands. In spite of all of this, there is no surety of when the lake will be reopened for the public.

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