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Verizon brings $20 activation charge for devices from today onwards

If you have some plans in your mind for getting an all new wireless network service, then it will be the exact time for you to sign up into the wireless service with Verizon (NASDAQ:VZ). But, get it before this Sunday.

Verizon Communications Inc, a New York based company adds $20 fee for those people who were signing up into its network. According to the spokeswoman for the company, Verizon adds $20 as an activation charge for the new wireless service connection. For activating the new connection, the additional charge will be charged from the customer.

Kelly Crummey, Verizon spokesperson says

“It covers the cost of turning a new line of service, things that have to happen to activate a new phone number.”
Even if anyone applies for a new phone connection or a line for their tablet, the additional charge will be covered. And also for the device, which are bought through the monthly installment plan are also affected.

The extra activation fee was first reported by one of the top leading tech blog, Droid Life and other internet sources also confirmed the same. Right from November 15, the new activation plan will be implemented by the telecommunication giant, and will be charged against all who were getting a new connection or a service. The new plan from Verizon Wireless will help them to get revenue for the company and in turn, it will make the company to achieve an additional revenue of $189 million.

Previously in August, the company has mentioned that it will implement the same plan. But, it didn’t promptly done the same. Before the announcement, the company was charging $40 as an activation charge while offering a new connection to a customer.

In the meanwhile, Verizon is not only the one telecommunication service provider which charges fee for activation, but also, various giants such as AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are collecting the different ranges of charges from their customers for signing up for their services.

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