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Warning of Phone SCAM- US MARSHAL Service Warns!

Some callers now pretend to be US Marshal, right down to having a badge number. If you take such calls you should immediately report. US Marshals service is warning the public against the bogus calls in the name of them, and is asking the help of the public to identify the person’s involved in this scam from unsuspecting Bay Area residents. A duty Marshal reported this on Saturday.

Suspects involved in this scam are posing as deputy Marshal when they are addressing the residents. These scammers say that they have missed duty jury and they can avoid the pinch of the normal public by paying a fine immediately.

These scammers don’t ask for the small amount they demand for hundred dollars. These masses may give the proof of the fake badge number of either marshal or the court official and the resident proof. To seem legitimate, they also pass on the name of the judge and the courtroom address. They set up fake voicemail inboxes and they acquaint to be loyal.

Palmer is asking residents of the country to call the Marshal service when they receive such calls or when they are getting these people visit to their home. Masses have to report the numbers as well the voice recording if they had or to tell the service what they sounded like and what did they talked about.

The Marshal stated that they are completely relying on the public for their help as these are the people who will never look fake when they come in front of you. The scam started in the North of America, which is now spreading so fast within the 18 months of the commencement. It is clear t56hat more than one person are involved in it as these is a widespread zone of this scam.

What you require to do is to just report. You don’t accept to send the ,money to anyone who ask you this on the call.

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