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What One Should Know about iOS 9.2 Jailbreak Release

For quite a while, jailbreak releases are behind the curtains. We have not heard about a jailbreak release for at least eight to ten months, if not a year. However, recently for several weeks, there is a continuous discussion about the jailbreak release of iOS 9.2 in various social online forums. As there are no official announcements, nothing can be predicted that when this iOS 9.2 jailbreak version will release. In this article we will discuss about whatever information we gathered regarding the jailbreak release of iOS 9.2. 

Apple released iOS 9 in last September. Very soon after the release of the iOS 9, iOS 9 jailbreak got viral and came to headlines. It was one of the quickest jailbreak releases ever as the jailbreak was released within just a gap of approximately one month. However the jailbreak release was swiftly put to end, forcibly with the release of iOS 9.1 within just a week. Thus, with back to back release of iOS 9 and iOS 9.1, Apple successfully killed the jailbreak. Further, in the new release, Apple patched up all the exploitations of the jailbreak release. In short, the whole jailbreak process was put to an end with speedy inference.

From relevant sources, it can be said or at least guessed that TaiG and Pangu are working hard for a jailbreak release, but none can tell that they are working on which version of iOS. Furthermore, the date of the release of the upcoming iOS cannot be predicted or guessed because of this. Overall, this whole upcoming iOS 9.2 jailbreak release is more or less a mystery because we don’t have any clue that what will be released and nor do we know that when will it be released, if released at all!

No matter whether the iOS 9.2 jailbreak version will be released at all or not, jailbreak enthusiasts are always positive minded with lots of expectations and rumors. These people are expecting the jailbreak version to be released sometime very soon. There are some controversial topics about the release of jailbreak which we must discuss prior to the expected list or wish list discussion.

As for Apple, it is likely that they will come up with an updated version of iOS 9.2, which might be iOS 9.2.1 so if someone is to release jailbreak version of iOS 9.2 then they can release it just any day now.

It is hard for a logical man to believe that the development of the jailbreak version, whoever they are will be waiting so long for release of their software because the whole process is uncertain. As for an example of uncertainty, the released jailbreak version might not be used due to some quick patching problems.

PP, a long time partner of Pangu Co. believes that if a jailbreak version of iOS is to release now, then it must be of the 9.2 version, not the 9.2.1 version.

Let us assume that Taig or Pangu or someone else in this jailbreak business, releases a jailbreak version of iOS 9.2. This release has the most possibilities that it will not get compatible with the original iOS 9.2.1 version of Apple. We assume such negative possibilities because when small updates are released, in most cases emphasis of the update is on security fixations. These parts are likely to get messed up with small exploitation which the jailbreak version might include.

In short the above information, assumptions and indications suggest that it is better to downgrade your version of iOS to 9.2 because Apple generally closes downgrading within a few days of update release. You might not be able to downgrade your iOS version later. And if you are unable to downgrade, then you will be most probably unable to enjoy the jailbreak version. Now we will discuss the wish list of iOS 9.2 jailbreak release:


As soon as you bring up an app drawer, all your installed device apps both inbuilt and manually installed will appear, thus app drawer is one of the coolest feature of android. In the normal default mode, you don’t have all your applications together on the home screen so app drawer might come handy in case of usability. With the help of Cydia this wonderful feature is on iOS, so let us hope we will see it in the jailbreak release of iOS 9.2.


With an Activator, for any kinds of “different” actions such as using the volume button to change songs or shuffle songs or/and turning the daily alarm on automatically, shortcuts can be set up manually. Furthermore, one can even set up automations with the help of Activators. The activator is one of the renowned ways of jailbreak release twists so there is a huge expectation for Activator feature in the upcoming iOS jailbreak release.

Default Browser Changer:

Most people don’t use Safari, i.e., iPhone’s own web browser rather peoples use Mozilla browser or Opera browser or UC browser. In case of Apple phones this gets disgusting because whenever a page is opened from any app, then the page opens up in the Safari browser as it is unchangeable set as default. If a default browser changer option is there, then this exclusive Apple phone problem can be easily handled. With this feature, one can easily set his or her favorite default browser.

Permanent Delete:

In iPhones, whenever you delete a photo or anything, it gets added to Recently Deleted Folder which again causes unnecessary memory junks. Delete Forever option should be a necessary inclusion in the wish list because the sole benefit of deleting and cleaning memory junk is lost when it is added to another folder without getting permanently deleted.

Font change:

Generally an iOS comes with New San Francisco Font which you might not like or you might have some other preference for fonts. If Bytafont 3 is added to the jailbreak version, then one can change font according to his or her preference pattern.

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