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Whooping cough vaccine only offers short-time protection

The recent study finds that the effect of Whooping cough vaccine will stay only for a few years and the effect of same will be wearing off in a short period of time. Yes, a major outbreak in the city of California has happened. The anti-biotic booster shot, which will be given to pre-teens, to prevent whooping-cough will be in effect for only a certain period of time, a recent study done by researchers and Kaiser Permanente Northern California has found it.

The report was released online on last Friday, and it states the various limitations of Whooping cough shot. The number of whooping cough cases raised to the number of 48,000 – highest number in the history in the United States after 1955. As per the survey, the older children were affected in huge cases, while compared to the younger ones.

The researcher believes that Tdap, which will be given at the age of 11, has very less lasting time than the old vaccine against whooping cough. While compared to the older one, Tdap is very reliable and has very lesser side effects.

Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center mentioned as,

“The issue is, the old vaccine against whooping cough had a difficult safety profile. It could cause high fevers and seizures in young children — which understandably worried parents. There were also concerns about possible, albeit rare, neurological effects.”
In the meanwhile, researchers around the globe were actively involved in altering the component of the vaccine. So that, the vaccine might last longer than the current one, and also with very lesser side effects.

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