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Workshop for Saving Endangerous Species in Hawaii, Good News for Endangered Species

Honolulu- Hawaii will be organizing a two day workshop on saving endangered species in the world. This might be a good news for series of animals such as the Wolverines, Tortoises and other endangered plankton in the world. 

The meeting will be held in order to save the endangering species and also stop poaching of endangered animals by poachers. Within a series of governmental bodies, the workshop will be held. The main aim of conducting the workshop is to provide a better protection for those animals, which are about to extinct.

According to DLNR, Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources, Hawaii has almost 10,000 special of animal, which are only exist in the states of Hawaii and nowhere else on the planet. Due to the presence of the enormous level of endangered species in Hawaii, the governor, David Ige has announced the two day workshop on understanding the life habitat of the various endangered species.

The one and only motive of conducting this workshop is to provide a clear understanding to others, regarding the endangered species’ tendency to survive and also helping them to survive without the extinction of those species.

David Ige, Hawaii’s governor said as,

“This workshop itself really does make sense to be hosted in Hawaii. We have more endangered species here in our island than any other state in the country”. “I think it would be more beneficial to protection of species if we could focus our efforts rather than paint a broad brush area that is so enormous that active management is very, very difficult,”

Apart from this, the land of Hawaii is comparatively very small, when compared to the size of the United States. But, in turn, it is basically 44 percent higher when compared to the amount of endangered species present in Hawaii than that of the United States. Because of the same, the place is entitled with a tagline of “endangered species capital of world”.

Including Hawaii, the western states consistently keep on looking into different different ways to save the endangered species, which also includes 344 plant species present in Hawaii.

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