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Xbox One Update brings Cortana, background music and much more

Microsoft is all set to roll out an Xbox One Update with a few features including Cortana. According to the reports, the Cortana update will be available for the users in United States and United Kingdom. The users will be able to make full use of the digital assistant in case they want to set up parties or get to know what their friends are playing. Microsoft has added a few cool voice commands for Cortana but sadly will be replacing the old voice commands that it had.

Along with Cortana, the Xbox One users will be able to hear background music with this Xbox One Update. Pandorra will be the first application to support the feature, allowing the user to play the music in background while playing his favourite game. The good thing is that you will even be able to control the music in the background. The Xbox One Update will add in features like controlling the volume, play/pause via the Xbox dashboard in the middle of a game.

The other important thing coming out with this Xbox One Update is the merging of the two stores. With the upcoming update, Microsoft will merge the two stores allowing the users to get apps and games available on Windows Store on Xbox One as well. This will be a pretty good option for the users, who needed some good apps from the Windows Store on their Xbox devices.

With the new Xbox One Update, the users will now be able to see what their friends are playing on the systems, chat with them and even share clips of the game easily. This feature will also require the Windows 10 Anniversary update which is due on August 2nd. The Microsoft Xbox One update is available on all the consoles, but probably has some geographical limitations.

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