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LG confirms- V10 successor V20 is ariving this quarter

Yes, this is confirmed by LG that a new V series is going to launch this quarter. While the epithet of the device is still not revealed by South Korean Company, it is ranking to expect the questions regarding the handset which is the successor to last year’s questions. And I will tell you why you should be excited about the new release!

The time frame for the discharge is in line with LG according to the sources which said that the device named V20 will be officially revealed in the month of September, which is releasing within less than a year of release of V10.

The substantiation of the release of V20 came as a part of LG’S Q2 2016 earning’s announcement. Overall rating profit of approximately $503.1 million was recorded by the company, but on contrary mobile unit was still at a loss. And now on analysis the figure stood out to be $132.10 million this time with a red ink.

But Company hopes that the fresh launch of upcoming ‘V’ series will help them to move the ship up. When V10 was released it was studied and it was tested as well, that it is one of the best Android phones, but with the release of G5 the trust of the customers led down because of its bad impact. But the company still bears the confidence and wants to boost up with the V20 smartphone once again.

Though LG’s G5 was a drag on Korean’s Company’s finances this year and thus the attention was drifting to somewhere else. Today we can expect high end specifications and performance once again with the new release in September. Then what you necessitate to do is just waiting for the new release and grab the awesome experience with it, as I am sure that this series will bring the blast along with it.

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