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14 Things You Need To Know About Apple iOS 10

The much awaited iOS upgrade that we were waiting for, is finally here. The fresh version of iOS 10 was unveiled at the WWDC held in San Francisco, promises to turn a new leaf for older iPhones and tablets. 

There are plenty of new and cool features that would excite an iOS user. “Mother of all the releases”, quoted by Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO says, the upgrade will be promising with immense support too.

So let’s have a brief look at what this iOS 10 brings us.

Removable Bloatware: I can feel your heaves of sighing. Apple users have asked for the iOS 2 update to remove all the Apple stock apps which is doable in iOS 10. The apps include: Calculator, Calendar, Compass, iBooks, Mail, Find My Friends, Notes, Podcasts, Reminders, etc., But Messages, Phone, Safari, Photos and the App Store won’t be removable. Even if you delete the apps, you can re-download whenever needed from the Apple Store.

Lock Screen redesign: The pressure-sensitive technology, 3D Touch has made the lock screen management easy in Apple from the update of iOS 10 because it gives you a bunch of widgets, fully customizable on your lock screen, like for instance, your calendar, weather notifications, one-click access to music etc., To access these all, you just have to swipe right on your lock screen.

No More Game Center: iOS’s infamous social gaming network has been taken down in the iOS 10 updates. This app has been used by nobody hence in the iOS 10 API changes, they have removed it. So, if you are 1% of the iPhone users who uses Game Center, I am sorry. But you won’t miss it I guess.

Unlimited Safari Tabs: You are a very distracted reader who opens more than 30 tabs at a time? iOS 9 would have been a disappointment to you since you can open only 36 tabs which is a max limit. But, worry not. iOS 10 brings you a golden update in this factor. You can open unlimited tabs in Safari, which could have a possibility to choke your limited amount of RAM, but hey, why not test it, right?
Unsubscribing is easier now: Like how Gmail, Outlook and other modern emailing apps has unsubscribe button, Apple mail has also brought in a dedicated unsubscribe button as long as it can identify it as a newsletter, then you can unsubscribe without having to click on a link to unsubscribe.

Play music and click pics, at the same time: Previous, iOS 9 version has an annoying feature that paused any music that you were playing if you open the camera app. It no longer does in iOS 10 except when you record a video, it does, but that makes sense.
QuickType: This is a manifestation of bringing Siri intelligence to the keyboard by providing the support of multilingual typing. The blend of two languages in the same keyboard. It is handy and a genuine time saver which also drops the necessity for having a third party keyboard for another language typing.

Optimized Storage: They are bringing in a new option called “Optimize Storage” that helps you salvage some storage by deleting the music that you have not heard for a while.
Bedtime, Wake Alarm and new stopwatch: Now the Clock app has two new features, namely, BedTime and WakeAlarm features. BedTime will keep track of what time you hit the sack, and WakeAlarm, to wake you up at a specific time. The UI is now colourful, even with the stopwatch.

Warning for WiFi: If you connect to a WiFi network that is not secured or with a terrible security, you will get an alert saying so. Even if the connection is weak, when it uses an older protocol also. This helps you keep an eye on the which WiFi connection is compatible with your iPhone.

Maps: Now the Apple Maps  tells you where you have parked your car by sending out a notification of the location with a pin. Also, it will give you a recommended destination to park your car.

Memories: A major overhaul in terms of Apple Photos. You can use Maps within Moments, which pulls all the pictures together using facial, object and scene recognition.

Specific Read Receipts:In the Messages app, now you can turn on or off the read receipts for a specific chat or group rather than having to turn off/on for all the conversations.

New Animations: By default, there was only zoom in and out animation when you open and close a folder of apps, in iOS 7 and higher. But now, in iOS 10, you can turn on “Reduce Motion” by going to Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion to turn the animation off. Replace it with a gentler fade effect.

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