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Apple iPhone 6s vs Apple iPhone 5s: Things You Need To Know Right Now

Attention iPhone users. Oh, especially iPhone 5S. As a privileged “S” version iPhone user, you might be looking out for a major upgrade to the next number in the series. So, this article is to seed a thought in your mind whether you should go for iPhone 6S or wait for iPhone 7. But we don’t know for sure when the release is planned.

So, upgrading to the iPhone 6S would be flat-out better option since it has been the best in the S-cycle model with all the new features such as 3D Touch technology, Live Photos, LTE Advanced support, etc.

We have tried to give you the best review in picking out the major differences that would draw an idea for you to decide whether or not you can purchase the iPhone 6s.

Design and Display: iPhone 5s users, you would have been bored of the dull display by now. It’s time for some punchy colors and better display resolution to bring a feast to your eyes when using the phone. iPhone 5s measures only 123.8 x 58.6 x 7.6 mm but in iPhone 6s the display obviously gets larger to the measurement of 138.1 x 67 x 6.9 mm. This in turn results in weighing 129g which is a bit more than 112g iPhone 5s. You could have used the pocket 4 inched iPhone 5s, but 6S is all about bringing you the best display quality with 4.7 inches boating a  750 x 1334 screen resolution that allows you to see better content with the 326 ppi. Though it would be cumbersome to use at first, later as you use it, you will be drawn by holding and getting the pulses of the larger display with a shiny slimmer body. The typical Apple edges are the same, but the new iPhone 6s is built with the new 7000 series aluminium body which employs the firm grip and makes it even sturdier. The Corning Gorilla glass in iPhone 5s is replaced by ion-strengthened glass in iPhone 6 and 6S.

Camera: If it is not for any other feature, you will definitely be amazed enough to upgrade to iPhone 6S for the camera enhancements because the rear facing 8MP, f2.4 aperture camera, also capable of 1080p video recording and a 1.2 MP front facing 1.2MP camera with f2.4 aperture and 720p video recording iPhone 5s has gotten a bump in iPhone 6s to being 12 MP rear facing camera and 5MP front facing camera, with Focus Pixels in aperture f2.0, 1080p video recording. Instead of the OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) Technology, iPhone 6s has DIS (Digital Image Stabilization) to enhance the 4K video recording.

Battery: You cannot deny the face that this feature is the selling factor in the market and Apple has aced it in the upgrade from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6 series. Sporting 1560 mAh in 5 series is taken up a notch to 1810 mAh in iPhone 6s. This means, faster delivery of camera and other features and many improvements across the board. The upgraded battery gives you 50% more talk time and standby hours than the older version of the battery. Considerably longer battery life is guaranteed if you move from 5 series to 6 series of iPhone.

Hardware & Software: During the days  when iPhone 5s came out, the Apple A7 chipset turned many heads which was too mainstream by then to use a 64-bit processor. But in the two year gap after that, see how much the world has advanced in the integration of the chipset. The new A8 advanced and updated chipset is faster, smaller with GPU performance, which is about 60% faster than the A7 chipset. The processor also has been advanced in the ladder from  Dual-core 1.3 GHz Cyclone CPU to Dual-core 1.4 GHz Typhoon CPU, sporting 1GB of RAM in both the models.

On the software front, iPhone 5S carrying iOS 7 has seen an upgrade bump in iPhone 6s to iOS 8. Although, iOS 9 is becoming a powerful update with all new major features coming in. Fortunately, there is an upgrade option available in both the phones and they are even planning on rolling out iOS 10 update to both the phones. The storage options available in iPhone 5 series are only 16/32/64 GB variants. But with improved performance and enhancements you might need more space management, right? iPhone 6s sports the variants just fit for you, in 16/64/128 GB respectively. So if you have planned to  upgrade already, why not pitch in a little bit more money and handle more space in 128 GB?

Conclusion: So, basically if you upgrade from iPhone 5s to iPhone 6s, you will get all-new hardware, software, camera, battery and new functional features like 3D Touch display, Live Photos, first shot at 4k recording, which, at the end of the conclusion only makes it better if not anything else. So why wait? If you are decisive in the mood, choose iPhone 6s, with eyes closed.

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