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Apple iPhone SE: Here is Why You Should Not Buy Apple 4-Inch Beast

Apple’s most powerful 4-inch iPhone SE was launched in the market with a $400 price tag for its fast, light and best value. Even though it attracted a crowd of Apple enthusiasts, we recommend a few reasons why you should not buy this phone, especially, iPhone 5 series users.  But it proved to be “Super Expensive”, not a “Special Edition”. 

Apparently, over 35% of the iPhone users are still sticking to a 4-inch device, mostly iPhone 5s, followed by iPhone 5c and iPhone 4s. Apple has rolled out a device which is 4 inched after bumping to a higher level from 4.7 to 5.5 inch screen. Even though, as Apple claims, the iPhone SE is a lower cost option to replace the flagship devices.

The first major concern is the size and price. Take both ways. If you are currently using a phone which is 5 inches or longer, switching to iPhone SE will feel like you are handling  a toy. Let’s be realistic here for a minute. Only 1 out of 10 people will be looking for a 4 inch phone, that too with this exorbitant price, he/she would drop the idea and go for an inch higher level anyway. Unless you really want to switch to a phone which is pocketful, you don’t want to choose a 4 inch screen for $400 Would you? Given the fame of phablets taking over the market with 5 inch and more, the better is the screen and display delivery. If you are using a 4 inch screen phone already, and looking for a new on in the market, why are you deciding to choose a phone again on the same range for more money? Unless you give utmost importance to the pocketability, if you want powerful features to be experienced in a perfect platform, go for iPhone 6 or 6S.

iPhone SE offers you 4K recording, which is a good thing, obviously. But with just 16 GB variant, how would it be sufficient for all your favorite apps, images, videos? That too with bloatware, you only get 10 to 11GB of free space. Seriously, how would this be enough? So, you have no other go than to choose the 64 GB variant which obviously costs you a $100 more than the 16 GB variant. Again, think if the size alone matters for the money that you invest? Apple should have considered a 32 GB variant which could have been an entry level hit for the iPhone SE. So, if you are a person who is used to using a phone of 5 inches or more, take a pass on iPhone SE. This is not your cup of tea.

The other big disappointment is, what factor makes the iPhone SE, a special edition if there is no 3D Touch present? Without this force touch technology, which Apple fan boy/girl would be elated to buy the phone if there is no promising future of evolving technological options for the iPhone? The processor, the camera, the build is all same as the models which are already three years old. There is no particular feature that stands out in this iPhone from the old phones. Only minor if there are some too. Unless you want the Rose Gold color option, to make your phone distinguish from the old models, you don’t have to buy this.

At least they should have given us a promising battery life, better than the model that it is about to replace, but no. The battery standby is almost same as the iPhone 5s and it needs to be charged twice a day to keep it running. Seriously? A battery is a huge deal breaker to the buyers and Apple disappoints in this area is quite a shocker.

The final verdict we have got is, if you really want to stick to the size, if that is all what atters to you despite the powerful features that is offered in the iPhones which is larger than iPhone SE, then for all such iPhone lovers out there, it is worth the money, if and only if you know this iPhone renders what all you want to do with an iPhone, perfectly. However, if you are not ready to handle a 4 inch iPhone anymore, do not give this iPhone even a second look.

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