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Conjoined Twins Conner successfully discharged from Hospital after Successful Surgery

After a long gap of one year, a family in Florida is welcoming their sweet son to their home, after a successful surgery of separation of him from his conjoined twin. 

It’s been a year, when Conner and Carter were born. Both of them were born in December 2014 and they were in the state of conjoined while they were born. They have conjoined abdomen and both of them shared a single small intestine.

In the month of May, both of them went through several surgeries to make them separate and surgery was more than 12 hours of time frame. After a huge struggle, today Conner spend his first day in his own house with his entire family.

Conner’s and Carter’s mother claimed that both of the twins were actually doing great and medical authorities said that both of them were recovered in a good state. The medical authorities include senior healthcare professionals and 17 members of surgical team have conducted  the surgery with high risk, and as a result, the conjoined twins were become individuals right now.

Michelle Brantley, mother of infants said at Wednesday’s news conference,

When Carter saw Conner “he started crying, but Conner was smiling at him and they were grabbing each other’s hands,” “I don’t think they quite understand that they’re brothers yet, but they’ll get there.”

The more interesting part is that, the surgery was conducted on the risk of only 25 percentage. But as of now, they were doing great after the surgery. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, Only 35 percentage of children will survive for one day, after Conjoined twins’ surgery. For Conner and his brother, this surgery will be a good start to pursue their lives.

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