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Eating Leafy Greens will helps you to reduce the risk of glaucoma

A recent study at Brigham Women’s Hospital proves that consistent intake of leafy greens will help us to reduce the risk of glaucoma. 

A group of researchers under the assistance of Jae Hee Kang, assistant professor, medicine and associate epidemiologist at Brigham published a study in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology reveals that intake of leafy greens per day will help to reduce on the risk of early scotomas and glaucoma too.

Glaucoma is a series eye disorder, which will lead to loss of vision. It is generally caused by a small accumulation of liquid in front of the eye lens, and which results in damaging the optic nerve by applying pressure over it. The disorder can result in permanent loss of vision and will be tends to develop over a period of time. It causes sudden eye pain, dilation of pupil, vomiting sensation and other symptoms too.


The study includes more than 42000 patients from various places and were tracked for the year 1986 to 2014. All of them were tracked under the eye exams for every regular period of timeframe. The research found that, intake of high nitrate food will exhibits the lower level of POAG, which is commonly called as primary open-angle glaucoma. The increase in leafy greens has reduced the risk of glaucoma, and there were no additional effects were recorded.

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