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Opera browser expands its Free VPN as an App for iOS

Opera software became a pioneer in introducing its free VPN services as an application for iOS with unlimited virtual private network services. The application for iOS users provides an immense opportunity for the users, to keep their privacy, when surfing the internet anonymously. This application will play a major role, when they were using internet services in the public hotspot regions such as shopping malls, or in other places. The application was launched Monday, which allows the users to block advertisements in Safari and Chrome browsers too, and also, in addition to that, it prevents the trackers to track the user’s activities. 

Last month, Opera launched its free VPN services for the desktop browser, which automatically integrates into the browser and provides free services with no extra usage caps. This made the company to launch its iOS application, which brought the same features to the iOS application. This application will be the boon for those people, who wants to keep their browsing data as a secured one and also wants to erase all the data after surfing. By simply downloading the application, Opera VPN app and enabling the virtual private network in their device, one can block advertisements and also prevent trackers on the website. In addition to this, one can choose five different locations such as US, Canada, Singapore, Germany and Netherlands as their virtual networking location, when surfing the internet.

After the acquisition of SurfEasy, the virtual private network providing company by Opera, the company is launching a series of VPN application related to Opera. By installing Opera VPN in an iOS device, the application creates a separate tunnel between the user’s device and SurfEasy’s virtual servers to provide virtual private network to the users, and also enabling the websites more difficult to track the user’s activities.

In the meanwhile, the Android version of the application is on the way, mentioned by Houston. Stay tuned with Tampa Bay Review for more updates.

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