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Best Reasons Why You Should Jailbreak your iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s

If you’re the one, who is currently looking to jailbreak your iPhone 6s and then, it is the right place to know the advantages of Jailbreaking your iPhone 6s. I have gone through various links on the internet and brought you the huge list of advantages of Jailbreaking your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. While comparing to all smartphones available in the global market, iPhone 6s are pretty cool one. In the meanwhile, customization of mobile is quietly impossible. The company has restricted the developers in such a way that, its look and feel should be preserved. 

If you want to perform customization in your iPhone 6s, then you can opt for Jailbreaking your device. By Jailbreaking, you can install the application, which you cannot directly install from Apple App Store. Here are the advantages of Jailbreaking your iPhone 6s.

Customize the Lock Screen and Make it more Useful: The first and foremost advantage of Jailbreaking is that, you can optimize the iOS lock screen to make it more useful. Without Jailbreaking, the normal lock screen will provide notifications and provides only basic functionalities. By performing Jailbreaking, you can put all sorts of information on the lock screen itself. You can use Convergance for making your device more unique, while compared to other devices. It allows you to use multiple lock screens and also allows the users to swipe through various pages without unlocking your device.

Allows you to Install Banned Application: Generally, Apple used to block mysterious and unwanted application from the Apple Store. From this, people can’t able to install those notorious application on their device. If you’ve done the jailbreak in your device, then you’ll get the privilege to install those applications. By using Cydia, a jailbreaked version of the Apple App store, you can install whatever application you want on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6.

Secure your mobile using Touch ID Tweaks: In Apple iPhone, Touch ID allows you to secure your data by providing security for your device. By jailbreaking, you can use a number of tweaks in your device for enhancing the security level of your iPhone. For instance, BioLockdown allows you to control few features of your mobile with the help of Touch ID. It allows using the features only if you provide your fingerprint. Suppose, if you don’t want others to use Wi-Fi feature, then you can block it by enabling the permission for the feature.

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