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Recent Study proves estrogen protects women from the influenza virus

A recent study proves that the presence of Estrogen hormone in female reduce the risk of getting an influenza virus. Estrogen is a hormone which naturally circulates in female bodies and is also termed as the female hormone. Males also have estrogen running over their bodies, but the amount is negligible as compared to that of a female. 

In general, a flu first attack the nasal cells, which did the researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to collect the nasal passage cells from its male and female volunteers to study over “flu”. This study leads to the establishment of finding some stones, which will surely come handy for future researches.

The nasal cells are then exposed to artificially made and natural female hormone separately, which are again exposed to virus Influenza A.

One of the researchers, Sabra Klein explained that estrogen, the hormone known as female hormone is also produced in men, but there is the difference between the male produced and female produced estrogen. One of the empirical differences between the two is that man’s estrogen has less receptors than that of female’s estrogen.

The findings of this research is that they have found in the female hormone that metabolic activity of cells are slowed which potentially prevented manufacturing or spreading of the virus. Statistically, at least 30+ genes which are involved in metabolism of cell are decreased due to this hormone.

In short, a protective advantage of having estrogen in the female is discovered. This study reveals that it is not only the natural estrogen, which is found in women, but the artificial estrogen used in hormone replacement therapies gives positive and identical results to the female. And it is decreasing in the case of males.

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