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Tampa consortium seeks permission to boost the University area

Career Source Tampa Bay is joining hands with the Tampa Innovation Alliance and University Area Community Development Corporation in order to apply for grants. Tampa Bay is jumping for one of the most competitive tech – hire grants. 

It is heard that the highly competitive grant will be provided by the Labor Department of United States of America. US Department of Labor will grant about 100 million dollars in the Tech – Hire project to the leading institutes, who will have to compete against each other to own a share of the distribution of grant. Tampa association will have to nationally compete with other institutes and win, in order to get the grant.

It is said that if Tampa association is successful in getting the grant then it would roughly transform about more than 15000 acres land of Northern neighborhood into a new economic zone. The new economic zone will include innovation and economic zones where technical trainings will take place in near future.

However, according to a press release Kathy Castor, a representative of the United States of America claimed that if Tampa consortium is successful in winning a share of the grant. Then the grant money will be invested to develop a better public and private partnership, which will be more capable of supporting education as well as technical skill trainings for mostly the with barrier communities.

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