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Top 10 Applications For Rooted Android SmartPhones

If you have rooted your Android device and you are looking for some best applications to install, clueless, you should definitely give this article a shot. Isn’t ironic that you find a lot of articles on how to root your Android device, but not how to customize your rooted device with best applications for best performance? Well, worry no more. 

We have handpicked few applications that have become an essential presence in your rooted devices. Without further ado, keep reading our following list.

Rom Toolbox: This is a recommended and a must have application for every rooted Android device owner. To sum up what all this application offers goes out of hand, anyhow, here is a synopsis of the options that it provides you for free, which is why with no doubts, this is one of the top most featured application on many popular sites like LifeHacker, Droid-Life, RootzWiki, Android Central, XDA-Developers, Android Police, DroidForums. The features of Rom Toolbox are,

Greenify: To hibernate the background applications that you don’t use much, this application makes your Android device much faster and smoother. It also helps you identify applications that leeches on your battery and puts an end to its run. This is something similar to iOS applications which give you full preserved functionalities.

Lucky Patcher: This application helps you remove ads, modify all the application’s permissions, bypass some premium verifications and more.

ES File Explorer: You might have used this application in a non-rooted device too, but only in rooting devices you can use a root explorer to edit the build.prop files. This application has cloud storage client, task manager, application manager, access to pictures, videos, music on your phone, cache cleaner, root explorer, functions as your WEBDav and FTP Client, built in zip and rar file support to compress and decompress, Bluetooth file manager and an ultimate set of file management tools.

Xposed Framework: This application lets you theming, UI and other performance tweaks and replace installed ROM with custom ROM.

Chainfire 3D: If you are stuck I older versions of Android like Froyo or Gingerbread, this application lets you run newer games on your older software acting as a middle man between your graphic driver and applications.

Flashify: This is yet another simple application that lets you flash recoveries, flash ZIP files, download ROMs and other tedious tasks.

SDFix: This is a system modifier tool that helps take away the limitations placed on your SD card on other apps like file browsers which runs on KitKat and Lollipop and breaks the locked-down SD card problem. It is very easy to use; just tap on the app, open it, wait for a few seconds and uninstall the app.

Screen Recorder Pro: This is the only application supporting Tegra device to achieve the best on screen quality using hardware accelerated video.

LMT Launcher: This application provides you credible usability and customizability for a better look and feel Android UI, but along with configurable “pie” menu that will accept your own commands to define navigation or a system bar.

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