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Top 5 Reasons to Install iOS 10 Beta & 4 Reasons You Should Not

WWDC 2016 event in June, Apple discussed about its next major release of iOS. Thanks to iOS 10 beta, you can try out the features, even if the iOS 10 release date is confirmed for the fall. Right now the beta release is only for the developers, but soon it will available to the general public via the Beta Software Program soon. 

We will be touching both the positive and negative sides of installing the iOS 10 beta software. If you are on the fence about installing it, take a look at our reasoning list.

Reasons to install:

If you want iOS 10 update: Well, this one is pretty obvious. You can download and install the iOS 10 beta. For those in the Beta Software Program, Apple allows the developers to send the feedback which will help weed out the problems as the iOS 10 beta upgrades. If you think Apple needs help, your efforts could prevent it from release a final nasty update.

If You Want to Get Rid of Stock Apps: Stock applications can be really annoying. If you want to get rid of the stock apps like Reminders, Tips, and Stocks from your folders and home screen, which we are bored of looking at, you can install beta iOS 10, you can banish them. This doesn’t gain you extra space. You will be able to remove all the stock applications comes with iOS 10.

If you are a multilingual: One of the captivating features that got our attention is, the multilingual keyboard where you can use more than just one language to type the messages even without having to change the keyboard. This is a game-changer for anyone who has a passion for the native tongue typing.

If you want these core features: Apple’s home application is now all redesigned and new as a bud. Home builds on HomeKit platform and it allows you to control all of your smart products via one centralized application. Right from accessorizing with wallpapers to sleek looking interface, the Home has been revamped. Also, if you are a music lover, take a good look at the Apple Music, which is redesigned with a simplified interface that will make playing music, and music discovery, much better than what’s in iOS 9.

If you are an IT Professional: IT Professionals who know about stress testing for bugs and problems, reporting them to the client and helping them in improving the product, should try out the new iOS 10 beta in order to test systems and applications ahead of the iOS 10 release date later this year. This will be a way of getting familiar for the IT Professionals who normally support end users at a company with the enterprise problems which are common after the release of iOS updates.

Reasons Not To Install:

If you have only one device: If the device that you own is a primary device and the only device, Apple suggests you not to install the iOS 10 beta since the early software could cause many early problems because of its instability. We recommend you to skip the beta unless you don’t have a secondary device to try the new features out.

If you can’t deal with problems: Beta version always means it is accompanied by bugs. It is a trial version which has the power to kill off your battery, crashes occurrence, random reboots, in simple words it can wreck havoc on your phone.

If you are jailbroken: If you have installed any jailbreaks on your phone, we suggest you to skip the iOS 10 beta. This means is that once you move to iOS 10 beta, you’re stuck until jailbreak developers release an iOS 10 jailbreak. So, we suggest you wait until there is any jailbreak release for iOS 10 announced.

If you aren’t prepared: As simple as it may sound, if you are not prepared for this huge update, then don’t install. You have to do some prep work before installation by backing up your device, etc. So, unless you are mentally prepared, do not go for it.

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