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China Blood Product Industry Report, 2015-2018

Published: Apr 2015 | No Of Pages: 128 | Published By: Research In China
Recombinant blood products have developed for many years in foreign countries, but China’s blood products are still proteins extracted from human blood. Thus, reserves and control of plasma resources are the key to the development of Chinese blood product enterprises.
Amid the industrial prosperity and favorable policies, China’s production-use plasma volume broke through 4,000 tons and the total lot release volume jumped by 15% year on year to 52.4 million bottles in 2014. By lot release volume, human albumin, human rabies immunoglobulin, human immunoglobulin (ph4) for intravenous injection and tetanus immunoglobulin were the most popular blood products in China in 2014, accounting for 59.8%, 14.6%, 13.6% and 4.1% of the total lot release volume respectively.
At the same time, the supply and R & D capabilities of human blood coagulation factor VIII, human prothrombin complex and other small products in rigid demand have been intensified in recent years. In 2014, the lot release volume of the above two products ascended by 43.9% and 46.3% year on year respectively. Chengdu Rongsheng, Guangdong Danxia, Yuanda Shuyang, Shanxi Kangbao and other enterprises obtained clinical approval for their human blood coagulation factor VIII in 2014.
Given stringent requirements on new domestic plasma stations, Shanghai RAAS, China Biologic Products (Shandong Taibang and Guizhou Taibang), Hualan Biological Engineering, Tiantan Biological (including Chengdu Rongsheng) and Yuanda Shuyang which boast abundant capital, powerful R&D strength and rich plasma station resources have become the top five companies in China blood product industry, contributing 61.3% to China’s production-use plasma volume and 33.6% to China’s blood product revenue in 2014.
Shanghai RAAS turns to be a Chinese blood product leader through two acquisitions. In 2014, it took over Banghe Pharmaceutical (now known as Zhengzhou RAAS) and TONROL for RMB1.8 billion and RMB4.758 billion separately, so that the blood product varieties of the company increased from 7 to 11, the number of plasma collection stations rose from 12 to 28, and its plasma collection capacity expanded from 400 tons to 900 tons.
1. Overview of Blood Product Industry
1.1 Definition
1.2 Classification
1.3 Recombinant Blood Products
1.4 Industry Chain
1.5 Features
2. Overview of China Blood Product Industry
2.1 Market Size 
2.2 Status Quo 
2.3 Supply and Demand 
2.3.1 Supply 
2.3.2 Demand 
2.4 Market Competition 
2.5 Operating Environment
2.5.1 International Market
2.5.2 Policy 
2.5.3 Domestic Biopharmaceutical Market
2.6 Import and Export 
3. Blood Product Market Segments in China
3.1 Human Albumin 
3.1.1 Supply and Demand 
3.1.2 Competitive Landscape 
3.1.3 Development Prospect 
3.2 Human Immunoglobulin (pH4) for Intravenous Injection 
3.2.1 Supply and Demand 
3.2.2Competitive Landscape 
3.3 Blood Coagulation Factor VIII 
3.3.1 Supply and Demand 
3.3.2 Competitive Landscape 
3.3.3 Development Prospect 
3.4 Hepatitis B Immunoglobulin 
3.4.1 Supply and Demand 
3.4.2Competitive Landscape 
3.5 Human Immunoglobulin 
3.5.1 Supply and Demand 
3.5.2 Competitive Landscape 
3.6 Human Prothrombin Complex 
3.6.1 Supply and Demand 
3.6.2 Competitive Landscape 
3.7 Tetanus Immunoglobulin 
3.7.1 Supply and Demand 
3.7.2Competitive Landscape 
3.8 Human Rabies Immunoglobulin  
3.8.1 Supply and Demand 
3.8.2 Competitive Landscape 
4. Major Chinese Manufacturers
4.1 China Biologic Products Inc. (NASDAQ: CBPO)
4.1.1 Profile 
4.1.2 Operation 
4.1.3 Revenue Structure  
4.1.4 Customers and Suppliers 
4.1.5 R & D and Investment
4.1.6 Shandong Taibang Biological Products Co., Ltd.
4.1.7 Guizhou Taibang Biological Products Co., Ltd.
4.1.8 Xi'an Huitian Blood Products Co., Ltd.
4.1.9 Prospect and Forecast 
4.2 Hualan Biological Engineering Inc. (002007.SZ)
4.2.1 Profile 
4.2.2 Operation 
4.2.3 Revenue Structure 
4.2.4 Gross Margin 
4.2.5 Customers and Suppliers
4.2.6 R & D and Investment
4.2.7 Blood Products 
4.2.8 Prospect and Forecast 
4.3 Shanghai RAAS Blood Products Co., Ltd. (002252.SZ)
4.3.1 Profile 
4.3.2 Operation 
4.3.3 Revenue Structure 
4.3.4 Gross Margin 
4.3.5 Customers and Suppliers 
4.3.6 R & D and Investment
4.3.7 Prospect and Forecast 
4.4 Beijing Tiantan Biological Products Co., Ltd. (600161.SH)
4.4.1 Profile 
4.4.2 Operation 
4.4.3 Revenue Structure 
4.4.4 Customers and Suppliers 
4.4.5 Gross Margin 
.4.4.6 R & D and Investment 
4.4.7 Blood Products (Chengdu Rongsheng Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
4.4.8 Prospect and Forecast 
4.5 Zhenxing Biopharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Ltd. (000403.SZ)
4.5.1 Profile 
4.5.2 Operation 
4.5.3 Revenue Structure 
4.5.4 Gross Margin 
4.5.5 Customers and Suppliers 
4.5.6 R & D and Investment 
4.5.7 Blood Products (Guangdong Shuanglin Bio-Pharmacy Co., Ltd.)
4.5.8 Prospect and Forecast 
4.6 Jiangxi Boya Bio-Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (300294.SZ)
4.6.1 Profile 
4.6.2 Operation 
4.6.3 Revenue Structure 
4.6.4 Gross Margin 
4.6.5 Customers and Suppliers 
4.6.6 R & D and Investment 
4.6.7 Prospect and Forecast 
4.7 Sichuan Yuanda Shuyang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 
4.7.1 Profile 
4.7.2 Blood Products 
4.8 Shanghai Institute of Biological Products Co., Ltd. 
4.8.1 Profile 
4.8.2 Blood Products 
4.9 Shanxi Kangbao Biological Product Co., Ltd. 
4.9.1 Profile 
4.9.2 Blood Products 
4.10 Green Cross 
4.10.1 Profile
4.10.2 Blood Products 
4.11 Humanwell Healthcare Group Co., Ltd. (600079.SH)
4.11.1 Profile 
4.11.2 Operation 
4.11.3 Blood Products (Wuhan Zhongyuan Ruide Biological Product Co., Ltd.)
4.12 Walvax Biotechnology Co, Ltd. (300142.SZ)
4.12.1 Profile 
4.12.2 Operation 
4.12.3 Blood Products (Hebei Da’an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.)
5. Summary and Forecast
5.1 Company Analysis
5.2 Forecast
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