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European survey of consumer attitudes towards OVI Maps, apps and Terminal Mode

Published: Jan 2011 | Published By: SBD

Product Synopsis

Over 60% of European and Chinese consumers claim a smartphone kit will be important when deciding to buy their next car or are willing to pay a premium for access to apps in the car

The smartphone market is growing rapidly in China and Europe, and there is a great level of interest within the automotive industry to understand whether this will translate into a similar growth in demand for in-car app-based infotainment. The opportunities for selling new features and improving the overall user experience are leading vehicle manufacturers to strongly consider app based infotainment and smartphone integration solutions. However, before the automotive industry moves forward in this direction, it is vital to understand consumer attitudes towards of apps usage and interest for smartphone screen duplication in the car.

With this in mind, SBD has conducted two exclusive end-user surveys to analyse and help vehicle manufacturers understand how smartphone owners are using apps and what their level of interest is for using those apps in the car. This survey will enable you to:

  • Understand how Chinese and European consumers react to app-based infotainment systems
  • Learn how much consumers are willing to pay for smartphone integration in the car
  • Develop the right strategies based on actual consumer feedback
  • Reduce the risk of launching the wrong products in this rapidly evolving market

1. Executive summary
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Survey methodology and sampling
1.3 60-second summary of conclusions

2. Analysis of findings
2.1 Phone purchase decision and future plans
2.1.1 Importance of navigation
2.1.2 Allegiance to Nokia handsets
2.2 Experience with OVI Maps navigation
2.2.1 Features
2.2.2 Usability while driving
2.3 App Usage
2.3.1 Downloads and app types
2.3.2 Usage while driving
2.4 Interest for in-car smartphone integration
2.4.1 Solution type and interest
2.4.2 Acceptable price

3. SBD recommendations


Fig. 1 Opinion of navigation before and after buying Nokia phone with free navigation
Fig. 2 Interest for Nokia and other brands ofsmartphones
Fig. 3 Importance and usage of OVI Maps features
Fig. 4 Satisfaction with HMI and other phone attributes
Fig. 5 Comparison of PNDs and OVI Maps
Fig. 6 App downloads and types
Fig. 7 Usage and interest for apps whilst driving
Fig. 8 Interest for smartphone integration in the car
Fig. 9 Acceptable price for a smartphone integration kit
Fig. 10 Ideal ecosystem for rapid uptake of TerminalMode (TM) in cars

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